Receiving God’s Grace by Pastor Dave

Recently there was a message preached to us at Word of Grace by Pastor Jonathan Calderon about pearls and how they are formed in the shellfish.  I believe it was one of the better sermons on how trials and tribulations affect our lives.   It can be viewed on You Tube.  Two things stood out from that message that I want to re-emphasize in this blog.  Number one is that grace is attracted to our weaknesses and that satan will take advantage of our ignorance of the Word of God.

In Second Corinthians the twelfth chapter, Paul shares his thoughts about some “light afflictions” that seemed to plague him everywhere he would go.  He made reference of his praying and asking God to do something about his afflictions.  God’s response was to him that God’s grace was sufficient for him.   In other words, no matter what he was facing such as beatings, shipwrecks, people forsaking him, persecutions and other distresses, God’s grace would be enough for him to come through victoriously.   Paul found out that grace is attracted to weakness.  It is in our weakest point that grace will empower us to overcome whatever we are facing.  Paul met some pressures in life that many of us think we have it hard serving the Lord.

Grace is the operational power of God released to us through Jesus’ accomplishments at Calvary.   Paul had a revelation of this power as he stated in II Corinthians 12:9.   He said he would glory in his infirmities or weaknesses so that God’s grace or power would rest upon him.  When we come to the point where we cannot produce our victory in our own power, grace comes into the situation and produces glory.  This is how faith and grace will work together to give God glory.  When the smoke clears, we will be standing and giving God the praise for the victory.  Paul’s testimony was, “thanks be to God which always causes us to triumph in Christ” (II Corinthians 2:14). 

Secondly, satan does his best to keep us from understanding that God is not our problem.  He will even send a “messenger” with messages to defeat us in our minds.  He will tell you that you are a failure, you are going to be broke, you will not live out your life to your fullest, you are an accident going someplace to happen and that you are having difficulties because God is teaching you.   If we do not know the Word or are ignorant of the promises, he may hoodwink you into a bad confession which leads to your demise.  God is not your problem.  He is and has your way of escape from the problems.  Trust in His Word and lean not to your own understanding.